Things to See


What interesting things am I likely to see in Sabah?

To list the exciting and unusual things you could see would take several pages, but here’s a quick snapshot.

Proboscis monkeys, macaques, Orang Utan, monitor lizards, pangolins, otters, slow loris, pygmy elephants, huge fruit bats, horn bills, crocodiles, fire flies, water falls, pristine rivers teeming with fish, millions of swallows leaving their roost, insect eating pitcher plants, the rarest of orchids, the most venomous and the biggest snakes in the world, volcanic hot springs, mud geezers, the oldest rain forest in the world, shoals of tropical fish on un-spoilt colourful reefs, the 8″ Raja Brooks butterfly, the 3″ Rhinoceros Beetle, columns of bats leaving some of the largest caverns in the world, Raffelesia, the biggest flower in the world.

Atlas moth.    Copy of BBA Canon 080    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Rino

All these amazing things have been seen by riders, while here in Sabah.

Follow this link to see what could be in store for you, other than


Here is what you could see and do, on a One to Four Day Ride 

Please note, this is to give you an idea of possible combinations.  Trips in and around Sabah can last from one to eight days.  Stay longer and include mountain climbing, diving or a leisurely boat trip.


Easy gravel roads.      Day 6 Pete M & Mick descending Sinurambi gravel      Gravel for web3      Gravel for web2

Sabah offers some amazing gravel trails, from very easy to extreme.

So yes, we have routes for the beginner and we can satisfy the needs of the more adventurous.


What’s the local night life like?

The-Cottage     cock-and-bull-pub-kk     Irish Bar     white-room-dj-evat

Kota Kinabalu city has a great number of night spots catering for every taste. Most of the down town hotels and resorts have their own clubs and bars with live bands every night.

Start at the Water Front, drop into the Irish Pub for a cool Guinness then stroll along to Shenanigans for a taste of the local atmosphere. You’ll find Sabahans very friendly, eager to make friends and nearly all speak excellent English.


There are great bargains in the shopping malls Down Town. Electronics, computers and cameras are particularly good value. Clothes are amazingly cheap. There are several ethnic markets selling souvenirs and there is an open street market on Sundays.

Village markets and the fish dock are a real experience and well worth a trip. Kota Kinabalu is home to some wonderful restaurants. Ask the locals or us for recommendations.

Activities near-by.

Horse racing, pony trekking, fishing trips, museums, wildlife park, KK Adventure Park, restored vintage steam train ride, and many others, too many to list here.

Have a look at Sabah Tourism





Local Food.

Just amazing. Sabah sits between Indonesia with its exotic spices; the Philippines witch brings its Spanish Colonial influence and China, who for a thousand years have been sending their migrants to change the food of Borneo. Mix that in with the Arab and Indian traders who brought their cuisine and religions plus a hundred years of occupation by the British North Borneo Company and you have some idea of what’s in store for you. Fish-and-chip-vindaloo-sweet-and-sour-paella? Not quite but our riders tell us that Sabah has some of the best food in the world.

If you want to stick to western food, no problem. There are several Italian, Spanish and German restaurants, KFC’s, Pizza Huts and McDonald’s but if you are slightly adventurous you will just love the food here.

The Tip of Borneo.

Barry at Tip          Scott, Richard and Gary at the Tip of Borneo          Cairns group with Duncan          BBA Horse Shoe Crab

Is close to the small fishing town of Kudat, where we make our overnight stop. A very popular trip with all riders, high up on the list of things to see and do.

War Memorial Gardens at Ranau. Prisoner War camp at Sandakan.

DSC_0495    DSC_0499    DSC_0506    DSC_0494

Both sites are visited by a large proportion of our customers.

Sabah Tea Gardens and factory tour.

Sabah Tea 2          Sabah Tea 1          Sabah Tea 3

A great place to have lunch, or just sample the local tea. For those interested, a tour of the factory can be arranged, its an eye opener.

Poring Hot Springs and Canopy Walk.

Hot Springs 4  Ho Springs 2  Hot Sprigs 3 Hot Springs 1

A very pleasant stop off for a look see and grab a bite to eat or drink.

 Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center.

The world famous rehabilitation center is a must for those interested in Orangutan’s

Sepilok 3    Sepilok 1    IMG_2354    Sepilok 2

 The Proboscis Lodge at Sukau.

Proboscis Lodge     Proboscis 6    Proboscis 5     Proboscis M 1

A boat ride on the huge Kinabatangan River and overnight stop at the Proboscis Lodge, is always made very special by the abundant local wild life. Spectacular Horn-bills, Proboscis monkeys to Pygmy Elephants.

Bike Riding and Other Events.

Mt K 1

I’d like to climb Mt. Kinabalu.  Can I spread my riding to fit in with other activities?

Yes. Please let us know what you want to see and do while you are in Borneo and we can usually accommodate your wishes.

* Helicopter Ride.

Sabah Air

This is conducted by Sabah Air in a Bell Jet Ranger.  Four passengers only.

*Climbing Mt Kinabalu.

Mt K 1  Mt K 2  Mt K 4  MT K 5

An amazing experience if you’re into heights and the great out doors. Climbs must be book well ahead of your trip to the island and we advise that you attempt the climb towards the end of your bike adventure.

*Turtle Island or Lankayan Island.

Turtle 4   Turtle 3   Turtle 2   Turtle 1

Flights leave from KK for the 45 minute flight to Sandakan, which is situated on the eastern side of the island. You spend the night in basic accommodation and return the next day. Lankayan Island is a real tropical paradise with much better accommodation and a good chance to see turtles.

*The Mulu Caves.

Mulu Caves 2        Mulu Caves 1       Mulu Cave 3

They are in Sarawak and a small plane leaves KK several times a week. The caves are some of the biggest and most spectacular in the world.

*White Water Rafting.

Padas River 3          Padas Rive 1          Padas River 2

Can be organized down the Padas gorge, this river is (graded 3 to 4) or alternatively down the Kuilu valley river which is (graded 1 to 2).  All trips are organized by our local rafting specialists, River Bug.

*Boat trips to the local Islands off KK.

Islands 1   island 2   island 3   island 4

A great way to unwind on your day off.  Sun, Sand and Snorkeling.


Items marked * above will be charged at whatever discounts we can negotiate.


All other activities and admission costs will be charged at cost.


If family members in your group are not into biking, we can arrange alternative activities while you’re out on the road. Or we can organize for the support truck to follow your adventure.

Unsure about any topic, please #drop us a line.

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