Bikes and Gear

What bikes do we get to ride?

WSP1528 (e)        Borneo 070        IMG_5932

We have 10 Aprilia 650cc Pegaso Trails.  These are ideally suited for touring and off-road if required.  They are reliable, versatile and easy to handle, with plenty of power plus a very comfortable seat and riding position.

Is riding gear available?

Day 1 Clothing Racks        Day 1 Helmet-Boot Rack

We have a selection of Helmets – Boots – Gloves, and Draggin Jeans that are now well-used but serviceable.  These are available for your use, Free of charge.   (see “What to bring” for sizes available ).

Can I bring a pillion?

Pillion Shot      My lucky day.      Linda and BW

Yes, of course, but we will limit the routes we use to tarmac roads.

Lady Bikers.

Are very welcome! If the Aprilia Trails are too tall for you, we have lowering kits and cut-down seats that reduce the ride height, so doing away with the need for long legs.    Seat height comes down from 80cm to 72cm, add 55kg of weight, and it drops to 69cm.



A First Aid box is carried in both the support truck and bike.  All support personnel are St. John’s Ambulance trained. Sabah has an excellent Air Ambulance Service; also, private helicopters are usually on call.

Bike Insurance.

Your bike will be taxed and insured.

Personal accident and travel insurance is a must.

Please bring your current motorcycle license with you, as we will need to take a copy. You will also have to sign a liability waiver.



What support do we get when out on the bikes?

A support rider will always be in attendance. He carries a first aid kit, phone, basic tool kit, puncture repair kit, and water.

If staying away from your home base, the support truck will be in attendance with spare bike and your luggage.

Quick car wash

What about navigation?

Each day a full briefing will be given before setting off. We run a simple point-to-point system when out on the road, which has worked very well over the past years. Towns and villages are few and far between, as are crossroads and roundabouts, so navigation is very straightforward.

Can I ride on my own?

Yes, of course. Each rider sets their own pace, and your support will follow behind. Points of interest, food, and drink stops will be discussed before setting off on each section of the ride, so you can enjoy the road and scenery at your pace.

How challenging is the biking?

We describe it as “soft roading”. Most of our roads are tarmac, deserted and offer some of the best biking in the world. There are odd short sections of gravel and occasional landslides to negotiate, but these are easily handled on the Aprilia’s, even for the most inexperienced riders.

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I may want to take time off from riding.

This is your Adventure in Paradise, “The Best of Biking, the Best of Borneo”.

If you need a day off from biking,  just let us know. There are loads of alternative activities and things to see. Most riders that visit usually ride for three or four days, then have a rest day.  The choice is always yours.

Day 9 Pool Brian & 2 Peters    Day 1 Snorkelling over Beer time    Day 1 Pete M & Ben b    island 2

Can I ride my bike in the evening?

No. Company policy is that, for safety reasons, bikes are never ridden after dark. You’ll understand why when you arrive.

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