A Sample 1 to 4 Day Adventure.

Day One

Leaving around 8.30 am, we make our way through quiet country lanes to allow you to familiarize yourself with the features of your new bike.  After a short tea stop in the small market town of Papar, we head east to the more challenging 5,000 ft climb over the Crocker Mountain Range.  This amazing new road twists and turns as it climbs steeply through beautiful, unspoiled Rain Forest, providing exciting, ubiquitous photo opportunities.

Our long descent is equally exhilarating as we head down towards the town of Keningau (meaning cinnamon in the local dialect) and ride along small, deserted lanes surrounded by fabulous scenery.

The next refreshment stop is at the beautiful river crossing at Apin Apin, a spectacular photo opportunity if you choose to cross the river, but for those that don’t we head back to experience the twists and undulations of the “road to nowhere” and the panoramic beauty of yet another spectacular valley.

From this isolated spot, we head to Tambunan for lunch, and a well-earned break, in readiness for our climb back over the Crocker Range at Gunung Emas.  With almost 400 turns and sweeping bends, coupled with breathtaking views, it makes the ride back to base extremely rewarding.

Our day’s adventure will cover around 300 kilometres and bring us back to base around three-thirty to four o’clock, in time for a leisurely dip in the pool and a cold beer.

Day 3 Tea House with locals inc Special Forces Marksman     IMR00233     DSCN1804     BBA Sydney brochure

Day Two

This morning we head back over the Crocker Range to Ranau, once again travelling through stunning scenery and some of the best biking roads imaginable.  Landmarks to see along the way include Poring Hot Springs, the Sabah Tea Gardens, the Sandakan Ranau Death March War Memorial, and the Kundasang Fruit Market, and you can choose whatever you would like to see.

Depending on timing, we’ll take lunch in either Ranau or Tamparuli.  This will be followed by a ride up the beautiful Kiulu Valley, before we head back to base, completing our 280 km adventure.

Waterfall 2    Sabah Tea 3    IMG_0001    DSC_0495

Day Three

For the last two days we head north to the unspoiled beauty and endless white beaches of the Tip of Borneo and the small fishing town of Kudat. We have two choices of accommodation tonight,  the Golf & Marina Resort close to the town or Tommy’s, which is situated at the Tip of Borneo right on the beach and is a favorite of ours.

Before we can enjoy this peaceful idyllic haven we have some challenging biking roads to experience on the way to the small town of Kota Marudu for our lunch stop, then embarking on the final leg of our journey.  Arriving in Kudat around 4.00 pm with another 280 kilometers under our belt.

Tommy Place 1      Cairns group with Duncan      BBA Canon 313      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Day Four 

Our last day starts with photo opportunities at the picturesque boat yard, fish dock and ornate Buddhist temple in Kudat, before we head south to Kota Belud, where we experience more tight lanes, before joining a great road we’ve nicknamed “Formula One”.  This road weaves its way through another splendid, spectacular valley, taking us close to Mount Kinabalu. Lunch can be enjoyed at the watch tower before we set off down to Tamparuli, as we start to make our way home.

DSC_0722      IMG_0378      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      photo (4)


5 nights 4 days…. A rough cost would be around RM 3,800 to 4,750  ($1200 to 1500) depending on what accommodation you choose.


With all our rides around Sabah, they can be shortened or extended to suit your needs.

Adventures to Sandakan on the other side of the island ( 360 km from KK ) can be split over two days, for those who wish to do more sightseeing or travel at a more leisurely pace. This would enable you to take in Sabah Tea Gardens, Poring Hot Springs and more.

Please Remember, the choice is always Yours.


So let us know how long you’d like your Adventure to last and what things you’d like to see.

We’ll happily work out an itinerary that will make the most of your time while you’re with us.

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