Need to Know

A Sample Itinerary of a One to Four Day Adventure.



What is the best time of year to come?

Any time of year. The “Wet Season” is from October to March, however, we ride all year round, and when it does rain, it RAINS,  but it soon stops and it’s always warm.

2013-06-13 09.44.51          BBA Land Slip          BBA Land Slip2

Official Climate Facts.

Wet season and dry season are 2 sub-season that divide Sabah’s perpetual summer, although rain really can be expected year round. Wet season typically runs from October to March, with April to September labeled as the dry season, but it still rains.  But even when it rains, hardly ever a whole day is spoiled, as downpours last 1 or 2 hours and can most often be expected in the afternoon or evening. Thus mornings are often the best bet for planning outdoor activities which you think might be spoiled by a bit of rain.  Temperature is normally around 30 Celsius.

                 Follow the link below for up to date information about Sabah’s Weather

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Do I have to come on a set tour dates?

No. We’d love to see you anytime.

Can I bring a pillion?

Yes, we’ll limit the routes to tarmac roads.

What is the food like?

At your chosen accommodation both Eastern and Western style foods are available. If you want to stick to western food it’s no problem, Italian, Spanish, German restaurants are easily available. There are KFC’s, MacDonald’s, Burger Kings and Pizza Huts around town but, if you are slightly adventurous, Sabah offers some of the finest, freshest and most varied food in the world.

I am a vegetarian?

No problem. The range of fresh fruit and veggies here is astounding.

Where do we stay when not at our chosen accommodation?

When traveling around Sabah, we stay in the best hotels available.  Great one night stops like Tip of Borneo Resort, Proboscis Lodge on the Kinabatangan River, Ibis Hotel Sandakan, Celyn Hotel Kundasang.

Tommy Place 1   Proboscis Lodge   swiss inn 2   Celyn Ranau

What is the standard of Medical care in this part of the world?

There is a first class private medical care in Kota Kinabalu. Sabah Medical Center is located in a brand new “state of the art” hospital. Most of their Doctors and Surgeons are trained in the US, UK or Australia. Remember, the bikes are insured but you are not! You MUST get medical insurance before you come to Sabah.



There is malaria in Sabah but it is rare and we avoid those areas.  Westerners who have lived here for years, in the main don’t take anti-malarial pills but it’s your call.


Everyone should be vaccinated against hepatitis wherever they live.


Always a problem for Westerners new to the tropics and exacerbated when biking.  Your support rider carries water in his top box and will make sure you have plenty of drink stops.

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