King Cobra Challenge

Experience a rare and thrilling Motorbike Adventure, in a rider’s paradise isolated at the Tip of Borneo.

Home to the Orangutan and Longest Venomous Snake on the Planet

‘King Cobra Challenge’

Cobra Snake

7 fantastic days – 2,300 amazing kilometers.

A true ‘Bucket List’ must do.

Giving ‘You’ biking and Adventure at its best.

Old tarmac roads that twist their way through remote villages. High speed arteries that snake and climb 5000 ft through breathtaking scenery, wild narrow gravel trails that take you back to how it once was. Captivating multifaceted roads and trails that give you challenges at both ends of the spectrum. 

Click here for a map showing the route.


BW with Drink

2012’s…. Adventure turned out far better than I expected, as we experience at least one unusual event every day, this was over and above all the breathtaking scenery and friendly people we came across.

Below, a very brief summary of each day, the route map shows what’s in store for 2014.


Day one. We set off from KK and head towards Beaufort on gravel, then turn west to Kuala Penyu on tarmac for a short but unique boat ride across the KP river.  From here we head south to Sipitang where we turned east and cross the 5000 ft Crocker Range to Tenom.  (307 km covered)

Day two. North to Keningau where we filled our petrol tanks to over flowing for a trip down the Kalabakan Highway. This isolated and deserted artery, which is still under construction passes close to the Indonesian Boarder. Our next petrol is 270 km away, very close to the limit of our bikes. After reaching this isolated fuel stop we travel another 40 km to Hills Park for our second night out.  (396 km covered )

Day three. East through Tawau to the small fishing port of Seporna, before heading north to Lahad Datu. Here we turned east again along the part of Sabah I call the Boar’s Head Snout. Narrow twisty roads take us as far east as you can go…. next stop from here is South America, but we stopped at the beautiful Felda Resort.  (406 km covered )

Day four. This was my anxiety day, because we had a barge to catch, getting there and finding we’d missed it was not an option. But I was in for a very big shock.

Early the following morning, we head back to Lahad Datu, where we turned north looking for an old logging road called Jeroco Road. This would take us through to a huge oil palm plantation; all we had to do was find the entrance. I needn’t have worried, as the company had arranged a welcoming committee with a large welcoming banner. After drinks and photo’s we were escorted the 40 or so kilometers to the second biggest waterway in Sabah, the huge wide Kinabatangan river. Here another welcoming part was waiting and a very large steel barge bedecked in colorful flags was moored ready to ferry us to the opposite bank.

I take my hat off to IOI Plantations and their staff; they really did us proud and pushed the boat out for us in some style.  😉  This great day ended with us staying at the Swiss Inn in Sandakan. (330 km covered )

Day five. Rain greeted us before we even set off and it didn’t stop all day. This was a shame because the trip north to Pitas is one of the best motorbike roads in Sabah, it has everything from high speed sweeping bends to tight Alpine turns. We stopped  for lunch in a remote spot, which had good hot food and a TV, and yes it was Saturday and as luck would have it was MotoGP and practice from Sepang no less.

‘Yes of course I took all the credit.’ Two hours later we all agreed to head straight to our hotel in Pitas and leave the trail up the ‘Boar’s Right Ear’ till morning. ( 290 km covered )

Day six.  It had continued to rain all night, so our plan to tackle the Right Ear trail was tentative.  Ten kilometers in, the surface was the consistency of lumpy custard. I stopped to discuss our progress with the others, 30 seconds later we were on our way back. ‘We can do it next year,’ they said.

We headed around the coast line to Kota Marudu, then north to Kudat and the Tip of Borneo, but I had a little surprise in store along the way. A tight gravel trail that I’d only found a few weeks previously, which takes you very very close to nature. A couple of hours later we arrived at Tommy’s Place at the Tip of Borneo in need of beer and a shower, even with the early disappointment, it turned out to be another great day.  ( 239 km )

Day seven. This was our last day, which took us south passed Kota Marudu to Kota Belud where we headed into the hills on gravel towards Mt. Kinabalu. Passing over the 5000 ft Crocker Range we dropped down into Ranau, before taking the beautiful and breathtaking road to Tanbunan. Here we turned west again and climbed back over the Crocker Range for the last time. ( 327 km covered )


2014  Now open for Bookings.

Event will start on Jan 15th to 21st. Orientation day will be on the 14th.

Two price structures this year, as we are opening the event to riders who wish to use their own bikes.

Option 1.

Bike rental, petrol, lunch, soft drinks, support truck and backup.

8 nights’ accommodation, twin sharing room#, dinner and beer.

7 days riding. 

Only.. RM 6,800…… AU$ 2,280 …… UK 1,315.


Option 2. 

Use your bike – we’ll supply, petrol, lunch, soft drinks, support truck and backup.

8 nights’ accommodation, twin sharing room#, dinner and beer.

7 days riding.

Only.. RM 2,950…… AU$ 990 …… UK 570


# ( separate accommodation can be arranged )


Learn about the route.   Click here.


For those who’d like to take part, but are unsure about doing gravel, please contact me.  As we can modify your route slightly, enabling  you to bypass most of the gravel.  😉

If you have any questions, please drop me a line.

Cobra Snake