Ross Vonhoff…Airline Captain 28th July 2013

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As you know I first visited Borneo Biking Adventures in 2011 with my lady and we enjoyed a few days of motorcycling led by you around Sabah.
Before we went that time I was concerned that I may struggle with the traffic and strange motorcycle and a pillion on a relatively modest sized motorcycle (by Australian Standards) in a strange country, even tho we were travelling mainly on tarmac.  I was pleasantly surprised!  The instructions you gave, and the roads that you chose for us made this a truly unforgettable experience for us.
I enjoyed my time so much that i decided to come back and try riding with you on the gravel this year.  Again, I was concerned that my lack of experience in this style of “Adventure Touring” would prove a disadvantage.  Again, after a little basic instruction, my concerns were allayed.  You initially chose roads that gave me the opportunity to develop some skills and confidence in the machine and my ability to handle it.  Over the next few days we graduated to more difficult and challenging roads, always within my abilities and always challenging.  Great Fun!!  The adventure tour that I had dreamed of!!
During my time with you we negotiated a mixture of tarmac and gravel which is exactly what I wanted.  Miles of lightly trafficked twisting tarmac was never above the capability of the Aprilias, and the hidden valleys of gravel and fire trails were just as much fun. Great Stuff!!
My friends back here ask about the roads and the bikes.  I believe that the Aprilias are perfect compromise.  Big enough to go more than fast enough on the open road, yet small and light enough to manage on what I would think are some quite challenging gravel fire trails.  The tarmac riding is as good as anywhere I have ridden, and the gravel is the only way to see some of the more inaccessible parts of Sabah.  Much easier and much more fun than bouncing around in a four wheel drive, which is the only alternative.
Thanks for providing me with one of the most enjoyable and exciting weeks on a motorcycle that i have ever had.  We are already planning our next visit!!  See you next year!!
Ross Vonhoff

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