Matt Murray. 5th May 2013

“Having been to Borneo twice to climb the mountain, I wanted to do something different this year, so as a keen off road motorcyclist, what could be better! I could only spend two days riding but it certainly didn’t disappoint, in fact it’s the best riding (especially on road) I’ve ever done! Bryan realised my passion for off road, so tailored my first day to be a dirt bikers paradise!   My short stay at Sinurambi was just as enjoyable as the riding itself, with views of Mt KK summit from my bedroom and a complete landscape scene of the coastal city from the infinity pool, it was definitely my idea of heaven.
I’ve taken away some great memories from riding with only Brian on the first day and accompanied by a pair of Aussies, Malcolm and Andrew on the second. Thanks to everyone for making this a trip of a lifetime, although I’ll be back for sure!”


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