Chris Booth 22/23 Oct 2013

Could only fit a two day adventure into my scheduled, but after yesterday’s fabulous ride out on an Aprilia 650 Trail with Bryan Wade (Ex 5x British Motocross champion) through the highways, byways and gravel tracks of Sabah, I’m convinced that Koto Kinabalu is my favorite place in the world. Yesterday we did nearly 280km going south over and back over the Crocker Mountain Range. Just brilliant twisties.  Today we headed North to Mt Kinabalu and Ranau for another 300km round trip along fabulous country roads and lanes avoiding traffic where possible.  One 25 km section Bryan calls ‘Slalom’ this was hundreds of twisties sweeping left and right through a long spectacular valley (with an odd straight thrown in to give you a short rest) surrounded by beautiful lush Borneo scenery, breath taking.  I’m now looking forward to a well earned beer.  Words don’t do justice to this beautiful place, or the great fun you have on these bikes, you have to come and test it for yourself.

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