Peter… Hong Kong… 24th August 2013

Peter Lammer water crossing After spending a day mountain biking in the local villages of Sabah and seeing how quiet the back roads are, I decided to go out on a day ride with Bryan from Borneo Biking Adventures. He runs a small fleet (12) Aprilia 650cc Motorcycles that are well maintained, and all the riding gear is provided. I had not ridden much since moving to Asia, but Bryan lets you set the pace once you discuss your trip and agree on the route. On my day trip, I rode some off-road and some beautiful long winding roads through the ranges behind Kota Kinabalu and managed to clock up 280 kms. I was surprised how good the roads are maintained, and how little traffic there is around, only the occasional dog or water buffalo poses a risk to the rider but I managed to avoid them. Bryan took me to see some awesome waterfalls, to a river teaming with fish that we fed, and some local villages for a quick snack and a drink. It is nice and cool in the mountains, so it is quite comfortable to ride for a longer period.
The good thing about this tour is that you can choose the things you want to see before hand. Because this was my first time to Sabah, I decided to let Bryan set my itinerary for the day and I was not disappointed. He is an ex British Motocross champion, so he is highly skilled rider that has lived in Borneo for over 10 years now so his recommendations are good.
So if you have a motorbike license and want to take a custom tour on an enduro bike around the beautiful Sabah region, then I would recommend contacting Bryan. I will definitely consider doing this again when I return and see other parts of East Malaysia. I ran out of time, but there was a few places to see the famous Rafflesia flower which is now on my bucket list.

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